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Industry Expert Insight: How Your Influence Can Help Your Business

Nicki Wilson of Genie Recruitment talks how you can use the platform as a tool for success
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I spend zero on marketing.

Quite a statement to make in an industry that spends huge amounts of revenue on Google ads and promoted posts on social media platforms.

When I wrote my business plan I intended to spend money on social media to ensure my promotional content reached the right audiences, but what I discovered is that I had built a reputation as an industry expert. Someone who was well-known for what they did, who had had built a personal brand and was the "go-to" person within the industry.

This is the other side of the world of “influencing”. I would never describe myself as an influencer, yet I find myself constantly contributing to industry specialist articles and events involving the most well-known experts within the recruitment market. I am well known not just for what I do, but also across my personal network.

Do your friends know what you do? If not…. Why? They are probably the best brand ambassadors in your life.

I think the reason for this is because of my social media presence.

Due to LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook being a constant in terms of peoples accessibility into what my business does I do feel that it has been a huge motivator in terms of influence in the region. 

One post on LinkedIn has an average of 90,000 views. All you need is one person to believe in your product or service for that ‘free’ posting to make an impact. This was definitely not something that happened over night, organic and very targeted sector approach was used.

I only post about the consumer industry and I only accept people into my network that are related to what I do.

I really believe in your own brand with credibility, accessibility and a strong presence across multiple platforms you achieve a more authentic approach. You appear more real to your audience and through that people buy from people.

To start building your brand you must give a little to get a lot. Give out free advice, ideas, contribute to industry insights and watch your following grow organically. Once people are interested in what you have to say they will talk about you, share your brand name and in a place like the UAE that is so important. News travels fast here and if you do a good job you can build an amazing reputation very quickly.

I often post about our deals (and our deal celebrations!), recommendations, events and fun things that happen in the office over Insta-Story. A platform which brings the potential audience, clients or people ready to recommend your brand to the masses.

The next phase of social media impact will come from genuine people, the everyday people that everyone can relate to who have a story. That is how you build a brand using social media, telling your story in your own way.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Nicki Wilson.

Wilson is the Founder and Managing Director of Genie Recruitmentan international recruitment entrepreneur specialising in FMCG, F&B, Hospitality, Luxury, E-commerce and Retail industries. She is also a LinkedIn content creator. Follow Genie Recruitment on Instagram @genierecruitment.


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