31.07 2019 16:39h

Wondering What Went Down at the Fortnite World Cup?

DVLZGame was there to witness all the action in NYC
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It's been Fortnite mania throughout the world these past few days. 

In addition to the DSS Fortnite Party that's going down at Dubai's Festival City Mall until Aug 3, the Fortnite World Cup took place a few days ago in NYC.

Sixteen-year-old Kyle Giersdorf - known as Bugha - was the champion of the solo event, winning a cool three million dollars at the Arthur Ashe Stadium. Fans were going crazy and the atmoshphere was wild.

Naturally, Ahmed Al-Nasheet (a.k.a. @DVLZGame) was there to witness all the action first hand. 

In between watching it all go down in his stadium suite and hanging out with superstar gamer Ninja (known for his Twitch streaming and YouTube content), Al-Nasheet notes one of the highlights was watching Bugha win.

“When Bugha won his solo in the first match, everyone went absolutely crazy,” Al-Nasheet said, talking about how it was pandemonium in the stadium.

Interested in checking out all it all went down? Follow Ahmed Al-Nasheet on Twitter (@DVLZGame) and be sure to watch out for more Fortnite-related content coming up this weekend.

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Big respect to @ninja been talking with him and @jessicablevins they are both awesome what a lovely couple I can’t wait to have you guys here in #mydubai @teamninja #fortniteworldcup I will see guys tomorrow festival city mall for the #fortnitesummerparty مع #نينجا بكل صراحة هذا الشخص صار لي سنة أتواصل معاه ومع زوجته حتى انشوفهم في الشرق الأوسط في #دبي و #السعودية وشخصيتهم لطيفة وحبوبين في الواقع وأبشركم قريب بنشوفهم هنا شنو بتعمل لو قابلته هنا ؟ او شنو ودك اتقول له؟ أشوفكم بكرة في مول فيستفال سيتي في دبي حتى نلعب ونسولف #فورتنايت

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Photo credit: DVLZGame.


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