15.06 2017 12:48h

Why Instagram’s New Archive Feature is so Great & How to Use It

Instagram, App, Feature

After testing the feature over the past month with a select few groups, earlier this week, Instagram finally gave users what they've been clamoring for, the Archive feature!

What does this mean, apart from no longer having to delete those dear but perhaps a tad overindulgent moments best reserved for a private group chat or maybe just pictures of you and your ex, there is a much more significant benefit for influencers.

As the social media landscape gets increasingly competitive, getting that follow back requires you not only to put up great content, but also consistent content. While candid food snaps and selfies are still a focal point and have their purpose, you need to be more strategic.

Simply put, we’re talking theme, whether Light & Minimalistic, Dark& Moody or Bright & Colourful, you need to treat your Instafeed as if it were a mood board, and the archive feature helps you do just that.

So how do you use it, fairly simple:

  • Go over to the image you’d like to hide
  • Click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner where you have options like edit, share, etc, and now (so long as you’ve kept the app updated) you should see 'Archive'.
  • Hit it and viola, now that post is for your eyes only

If you’ve had a change of heart and you’d like to bring it back, go over to the reverse clock symbol in the upper right corner and you'll see all the images you've hidden. And yes, the restored image will be placed at the same chronological position from the initial post.


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