18.06 2017 11:42h

15 Facebook notifications we can all do without

Candy crush invites have never looked so good
Facebook, Notifications, Spamming, Annoying

1. Haven't seen you in years, but I wouldn't miss this for the world

2. ''You don't know what you're missing, trust us'' - Love, Facebook.

3. Why?...just, why?

4. The 'someone I don't talk too is doing something'

5. Yea...thanks for the update, what would my weekend look like without you

6. When you're not sure if they're just that naive or think we are

7. When they make you regret ever posting or commenting

8. They know how to get your attention

9. Don't forget pages go Live too *rapidly unfollows*

10. The irrelevant marketplace updates

11. You had one job!

12. These depressing ones

13. Pure evil...

14. Those pointless reminders

15. This is #fakenews


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