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Twin Content Creators Are Taking Social Media By Storm

Seven "twinfluencers" you should be following on the 'gram
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For those of us who are social media savvy and have an identical sibling, double trouble now means double the success.

"Twinfluencers" as they're now known (i.e. content creators who are twins) are taking over social media and video-sharing platforms. And while no one's exactly certain why its a recipe for success, teaming up with your twin could be the secret sauce to social media stardom. 

“Twins play into something the YouTube algorithm is favoring at the moment,”Dan Weinstein, the Co-Founder and President of influencer-management company Studio71, an influencer-management company, said to The Atlantic.

“So they’re surfacing more than they used to.”

Nevertheless, more of a good thing isn't bad when it comes to sharing content online. We're rounded up seven "twinfluencers" you should be following on social media (and subscribing to on YouTube.)

Check them out below and let us know your thoughts.

The Dolan Twins (@dolantwins)

You’ve heard their names countless times but we can’t stress their success as content creators enough. They are none other than: the Dolan twins.

Ethan (@ethandolan) and Grayson Dolan (@graysondolan) keep their fans entertained and coming back for more with creative footage of their lifestyle. They are particularly famous for their comedy, peculiar style and coveted jawline.

On Instagram, over 4.7 million people are committed followers of the duo. While on YouTube they have managed to draw a whopping 10.3 million subscribers.

Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight (@brooklynandbailey)

These famous Texas twins made their debut on YouTube as hair models for their mum’s YouTube tutorial channel.

Currently Brooklyn and Bailey run their own channel, where they share everything that has to do with teen lifestyle content. Their fun and delightful content has certainly wowed their target audience, attracting 5.1 million followers on Instagram.

Well, if Forbes counted them among the top influencers in the kids’ category, then can anyone deny that these two are a perfect pair?

Abdullah Saleh and Abdulrahman Saleh (@7m.alanzi)

Middle Eastern Saudi twins Abdullah Saleh and Abdulrahman Saleh who both share their lifestyle photos on their individual Instagram pages are simply sensational.

They can each boast of 1.2million followers and are certainly a dynamic duo.

Gülcan and Sahinur (@thegstwins)

These German twins Gülcan & Sahinur have over 1.8 million followers on their Instagram and share beauty, fashion and lifestyle-related content with their audience. 

Larry and Laurent Bourgeois (@officiallestwins)

Meanwhile French "Twinfluencers" Larry & Laurent Bourgeois - or "Les Twins" as they are known as - are a multi-talented duo  known for their dancing and designing skills.

The twins are so talented they've even landed a role in the upcoming British-American musical fantasy film Cats and have recently appeared in Men in Black: International.

The Rybka Twins (@rybkatwinsofficial)

The talented Rybka sisters are outstanding gymnasts from Australia.

They display stunts that have drawn 5 million subscribers to their YouTube channel.

The Saudi Reporters (@saudireporters)

The Saudi Reporters host a weekly comedy show on their YouTube channel consisting of skits, Q&A's, travel vlogs and much more.

This dynamic duo has also racked up 2.2 million followers on Instagram and shares content with their audience in Arabic.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Naa Pappoe and Laura Kell.


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