21.08 2019 15:46h

You Can Now Graduate University With A Diploma in Social Media Influencing

But only certain candidates will be able to apply...
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There’s been a lot of speculation about universities around the world and whether any of them will actually roll out a full-fledged, influencer marketing degree program.

Two years ago Condé Nast Italia launched Social Academy, a course for aspiring influencers and content creators (in partnership with SDA Bocconi School of Management) in Milan. This summer Grazia Middle East teamed up with The College of Fashion and Design Dubai to bring fashion- and beauty-related influencer marketing courses to Dubai.

Now, the American University of Dubai is launching a full-blown social media influencing diploma course this September.

According to Gulf News the diploma course was “. . . developed in collaboration with the Mohammed bin Rashid School for Communication (MBRSC) of the American University in Dubai (AUD), [and] the programme seeks to train Arab social media influencers in strategic communications and enable them to produce effective content on social media platforms.”

But there’s a catch: only 100 active and aspiring content creators based within the UAE will be able to register for the diploma programme.

“On completion of the Programme, participants will be able to use public speaking and presentation skills effectively, develop creative content for use on social media platforms, develop a social media strategy aligned with the UAE’s vision, understand the ethics and etiquette of social media in order to represent UAE citizens, and gain the conceptual knowledge and practical skills required to analyse news and detect fake news,” the Gulf News reports.

What do Dubai-based content creators think of AUD's new Influencer Diploma Programme?

“I think it’s interesting. I would like to see what they’re offering, the classes, and what’s the purpose of rolling out a program like this, along with how would it benefit the influencers,” Dubai-based content creator Ahmed Al-Nasheet (@DVLZGame) said.

He said he would definitely consider applying to the programme, but hopes the course emphasizes the importance of quality content creation and authenticity.

“It’s not about being an influencer, it’s about being a content creator. Anyone can influence, but not everyone can create great content," he said.

“With all the criticism levelled against the majority of influencers for not being skilled, I can see how this course can add value to those thinking of becoming content creators or ‘influencers,’” tech reviews and YouTube content creator EMKWAN (@EMKWAN) said.

“The fact it’s a diploma that has basics of marketing incorporated in it, as well as skills required to enhance an individual’s confidence and public skills is encouraging. Ultimately the results will speak for themselves once we see the first batch of ‘students’ once they’ve completed the course.”

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