25.08 2019 13:06h

Android Users Can Now Post Photos in 3D on This Platform

Facebook has an important update for Android users
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They are making it easy for users to maximize their creative potential and they’re not leaving anyone out.

If you are tired of still images, the 3D creation tool adds liveliness to your photo. Its launch proved users were ready for something new. After it was launched, Facebook announced users had posted 70 million and 360 photos.

Sharing images on Facebook is one of the main reasons why we are in love with the network and no one wants to miss out on it. Especially when these images are in 3D.

However, after introducing its 3D photo creation feature last fall Android users found themselves left out of this new trend.

According to Social Media Today, earlier on in April the platform mentioned its intention to introduce updates which would make this feature accessible on Android devices.

Known for keeping their promises to users, they were quick to make it happen. Currently, on Android and a wide range of iOS smartphones, Facebook users with an android device can create and post their 3D photo creations.

By simply selecting the 3D option from the update tools list, android users can explore their artistic style.

Constantly providing updates that keep users engaged is clearly their forte. Also, on android devices, they have included desktop support, as well as sharing 3D photos on Stories and on Messenger.

We encourage all Android users to keep their eyes peeled for the updates to come. 

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo credit: Shutterstock. Written by Naa Pappoe.


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