28.08 2019 13:30h

Twitter May Be Rolling Out A Game-Changing New Feature Very Soon

It will make life much easier for social media managers on the platform
Twitter, Scheduling, Jane Manchun Wong

Managing multiple social media accounts can be a huge challenge, especially for brand managers and content creators who upload various forms of content to a variety of social platforms.

For years now, users have had access to third-party schedule tools to help with the organization and uploading of content across various social networks. And while scheduling tools have helped creators and social media managers in scheduling and planning out their content, they’re far from perfect options.

Twitter is apparently considering methods of making its users’ lives easier, especially when it comes to content planning and uploading (as third-party scheduling tools tend to be glitchy and still require managing to ensure content is successfully posted).

The micro-blogging platform is testing a feature that may allow users to schedule tweets within its Tweetdeck very soon.

Social media reverse-engineering mastermind Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) uncovered the test a few days ago and shared a screenshot of it with her followers on the platform.

As you can clearly see in the upper left corner, users may soon be able to choose a custom time and date when scheduling a tweet.

Considering social media managers have been scheduling tweets via third-party tools (some of which can, a built-in scheduler option could make life easier for many users.

Naturally, some Twitter fans are already overjoyed at the idea of being able to schedule and organize their content within the platform...

When will the new feature be rolled out (if it is rolled out at all)??? Twitter has yet to comment on the test and confirm whether the update will be rolled out any time soon.

Fingers crossed.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo credit: Jane Manchun Wong and Shutterstock.


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