27.06 2017 14:30h

4 Awesome Ways Influencers Can Use Snap Maps To Increase Engagement

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So Snapchat released yet another nifty update this past weekend, Snap Maps. Now checking out what your friends are up too, stalking your crush, or low-key avoiding people is literally just a pinch away, everything you need to know about the function can be found here.

As with any feature, however, comes an additional means for you to engage with your fanbase and optimize your online presence. So let's explore.

1. ID Trends 'Real Time'

Love this feature, if you open up Snapmaps (go on, we’ll wait), you’ll notice these small little 'hotspots' signaling areas that are heating up in activity. Clicking on these pulls up all subsequent Snapchat stories, you see where we're going with this....Staying abreast with real-time trends is something most businesses and influencers alike often struggle with, forcing you to employ numerous external tools and expend a ton of money. This should certainly help.

2. Organize Meet & Greets

And promote them…

As always, treat it like you would any other event, make sure you’ve made necessary preparations i.e. safety, logistics, agenda, etc prior.

3. Host Competitions & Challenges

Let's be real, great content is an essential building block for any page, but anyone whose been at this for over a day know what's the quickest way towards a growing a following.....giveaways!

Snap Maps just provides another avenue to make things a little more fun and creative.

Example, have people partake in challenges or Treasure Hunt's in particular locations (nothing illegal of course), business could turn their own venues into hotspots. Think back to Pokemon Go!

4. Evaluate Your Event

One of the best ways to see if your event is successful and engaging (apart from the regular eye test) on and offline is 'social media'. Are people posting about it, do they think it's worthy of being on their respective feeds. As annoying as it may be for the passerby, the stuff that goes online is great user generated content and amplifies reach and credibility far beyond the confines of the venue. So the next time you're hosting an event, incentivize people to go online and check repeatedly if your location starts 'heating up'.


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