05.03 2020 10:33h

5 Tips to Build Your Facebook Fan Base From Scratch

When amazing content just isn’t enough
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You’ve spent tons of hours preparing content, posting on a daily basis, only for it reach maybe a 50 people or less on average.  Sound familiar?
Facebook has tightened up their algorithms for organic reach, first with brands experiencing a massive drop in reach, and now even media publishers, seeing a decrease in the same by 42%.  Just in case you were wondering why so many people have been gravitating to Instagram in droves.
But don’t be deterred, this doesn’t mean Facebook has lost its relevance, remember it still does have the highest number of active users around the world, and doesn’t look to be losing steam any time soon. All this means is that you need to be a little more creative with your efforts, and hopefully this article will get you there. 
So assuming your content is on point, as in, heavily targeted, unique and consistent, here are a few more tactics you could employ to get those numbers up.

1. Be Active Everywhere!

Well, anywhere your audience is, at least.
Any professional marketer will tell, you should never focus on one channel in isolation, in other words, integrated marketing is king.
You should always be trying to generate as much noise around your brand as possible. This is achieved through bombarding your audience with consistent messaging across multiple mediums.
  • Cross promote your content on various social media channels 
  • Be your own PR exec – Make calls, build relationships with journalists and volunteer to do guest blog posts. Make sure to share the same across your social pages once acquired. 
  • Find local, relevant events and take part in them. These are the places you want to be in, it’s essentially a collation of highly engaged prospects. Be sure to cover the same online through use of Facebook Live (see point below), and other tools. 
Other than that, hustle, hustle and hustle! Meet and introduce your brand to as many people as possible, get your name out there and direct them to your social pages. These are the people most likely to engage with your content, due to a certain level of rapport having been built.

2. Go Live!

Use Facebook live to develop a stronger relationship with your fans, through sharing raw and unfiltered moments.
Tons of new creators like Hailey Knox, Zach Clayton, and more, have been using the platform as a basis for their online fame. And just maybe, it could do the same for you. Various uses would include:
  • Live demonstrations
  • Coverage of attended events
  • Q&A sessions with your audience

3. Leverage Competitions

The key is engagement, the more people that engage with your content, the more Facebook will prioritize it. And there is no better way to encourage engagement than to provide incentive.
Regarding prizes, don’t opt for the generic iPhone. You want to provide relevant prizes so that you only attract leads interested in your content.
So if you’re a food blogger you could offer a kitchen set, a blender, etc. You would need to foot the bill for the first few comps, but no worries, soon enough, we’re sure you’ll get that blender sponsored.
Running ads for competitions are a great way to get a bang for your buck as well.

4. Offer Something of Value

Apart from the regular stream of content and competition based incentives of course. Let’s say you’re in health and fitness space, perhaps you could design a weight loss program and make the same available for free.
How would you do that? By building a custom app tab on Facebook using Shortstack (www.shortstack.com) or PageModo (www.pagemodo.com), where it would remain for free download, but can only be accessed after liking your page. 
5. Use Targeted Advertising
For when your content needs a little boost. But don’t go running in blind though; you could end up doing way more harm (to your wallet) than good. Check out our step-by-step guide on how to effectively run some ad campaigns here.
Quick tip, only boost the best content on your page, never advertise posts you’ve curated off of other sites.
What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.


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