21.02 2017 10:49h

How to Make Money From YouTube

Step one to becoming a successful vlogger

Before even contemplating make big bucks from the channel, you need to wrap your head around AdSense. Caution: This is not to be confused with AdWords.

AdWords is what you use to advertise your own brand, either on YouTube or Google’s search engine.  AdSense opens up your YouTube videos, and designated sections on your website to advertisements.

Here’s how:

  1. Log-in to your YouTube account
  2. Head to the Channel Settings Tab, and select ‘Enable Monetization’
  3. Accept the YouTube Monetization Agreement
  4. Familiarize yourself with all the literature and criteria for monetized videos
  5. Then, you need to connect an AdSense account, discussed above. If you have one from using it on your site, great! If not…
  6. Go to the section ‘How will I get paid?’
  7. Choose the Google Account you want to use
  8. Accept the AdSense association
  9. Provide your contact and bank account details when prompted, and proceed
  10. You’ll then be redirected to your YouTube page, with a message confirming your application
  11. You should receive an update by mail once accepted. This could take up to 48 hours.

Don’t rush into advertising though, ideally you want to build trust and highly engaged fan base that loves your content, before thinking about it. Bombarding new viewers with ads is a sure fire way to put them off, as they may get the impression that’s all you care about.

If done well after you’ve built that trust through delivering on a weekly basis, it is understandable that you would enable advertisements to sustain your costs.

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