03.07 2017 12:16h

Facebook’s Helping You Save On Data With New App Feature

Here’s how
Facebook, App, Feature

Rolled out and tested in select countries last year, Facebook has now released the ‘Find WiFi’ feature, which as the name aptly suggests, help you…find WiFi.

No this doesn’t mean people are going to be knocking on your door at 2 am for a password, the function allows you to locate available hotspots that businesses have shared through their pages. The same is accessed through their app on both iOS and Android.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Download and Open the app

2. Click on the ‘More’ Tab

3. And then ‘Find WiFi’

4. Once done, you can select the closest available hotspots where you are or plan to be, and learn about the cafés, restaurants or mall’s hosting them


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