04.07 2017 15:12h

Report Reveals Fingerprint Scanner Might be Scrapped on the iPhone 8

…And replaced
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From internal leaks from the loose lipped Foxconn employees to secrets revealed accidentally by associate suppliers, there has certainly been no shortage of tasty rumours encircling the anticipated device. And with its release being delayed till October at the earliest, like with a season of Game of Thrones, speculation is abound. Click here for a list of all the key rumoured features.

The latest report, by reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, while confirming the speculated full screen bezel design and virtual home button, the same will be without a fingerprint sensor, similar to the Galazy S8. Concerns around integrating touch ID into the radically different design has made rounds for some time now, with suggestions of the sensor (introduced back in 2013 with the iPhone 5s), either being hidden or on the back of the device. 

Instead, the new flagship device is rumoured to feature something far more futuristic, with advanced 3D facial scanning technology. There’s no clarity yet on whether or not the touch ID will be scrapped completely.

This wouldn't be the first Phone to feature facial recognition, the Samsung galaxy S7 boasted the same in addition to Iris scanning as well. However, they have been criticized for being inefficient as it requires you to hold it up to your face, you can see how that would be annoying given how many times a day we pull our phones out. The feature is admittedly (by Samsung) as less secure than alternative security measures. On the other hand if executed well alongside the fingerprint scanner, the technology should make for better selfies.

What do you think? Does this mark the end of fingerprint scanning? How would you feel about that?


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