09.07 2017 10:54h


Might want to hold off on that next ‘dinged my new BMW' post
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"Hate losing my stuff in this huge house, Gucci bags are so tiny!" 

"Arghh, been way too busy since getting this promotion’’,

"Cringe when people comment on how great your body is,  it's so awkward’’,

Ah yes, the humble brag. One of social media's most rephrensible contributions to eye rolls and face palms across the world.

But as annoying as it may be, we’re all human and have the intrinsic need for recognition and respect, especially when it comes to things we’re especially proud of. So what do we do when we finally get that six pack or promotion we’ve been dying for?

To brag or humble brag? 

Well, according to a team at Harvard, the humble brag, defined as a brag shielded by a complaint or form of self-deprecation, might not be as effective as intended.

In fact, it might backfire, results showed that humblebraggers are perceived as less competent and likable than those who were more straightforward.


The reason is said to be due to the lack of sincerity in those statements. In other words, if you’re feeling a little boastful of an accomplishment, just be real and say it.

You're going to get hate either way, at least your being honest.

Click here, if you’d like to check out the entire piece. Which do you prefer, transparency or "humility"?


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