11.07 2017 10:18h

Game of Thrones Finally Has Its Own Snapchat Filter

Just in time for the new series...
GameOfThrones, Snapchat, Filter

In case the thousands of clamouring fans on social media didn’t let you know, the new season of Game Of Thrones 'GOT' in all it’s glory is coming back to our screens this Sunday. Pretty much only time anyone can talk to us UAE residents about winter coming anywhere.

But anyways, to add to the excitement, loads of speculation and sheer joy, the hit series has released a couple nifty new features on social media this past week.

First they tweeted out an emoji of a White Walker, allowing users to unlock a range of awesome and quite frankly startling posters (no, Tyrion’s not becoming a white walker!)...

And now, you can now become a member of the icy undead yourself!

How?! If you have Snapchat on your phone, simply click on the link here, that should open the new lense on your phone. From there click download…but act fast, cause you only have it for 1 hour once done! After that, you’ll be asked to open wide, (Yup, don’t want any smiling white walkers running around) and voila, you’re instantly transported to freezing cold to the north of Westeros. If only #irl *sigh*.

This is what it should look like.

If that wasn’t enough to keep you amused during this long mid-week day and becoming a White Walker isn’t your thing, you can now fight one on Pokemon Go. No, you can’t capture it! Don’t think he’d fit in anyways.


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