11.07 2017 11:33h

Snapchat Adds New feature Instagram Doesn’t Have….Yet

Might just be the 'missing link'
Snapchat, Features, Instagram

In the constant battle for social media supremacy, with new features, filters and more seemingly being released every hour, looks like Snapchat’s won the day.

Released just yesterday, users are now allowed to add links to their vanishing Snapchat pictures and videos. A feature that Instagram users have been clamoring for since launch, but it looks like they’ve been beaten to the punch.

To use it, simply take a snap the way you normally would, you should now see a new paperclip icon. Once clicked, you can add your website URL.

This certainly makes for a good comeback for the brand, after receiving tons of flak for the innovative but potentially very dangerous ‘Snapmaps’ feature. They also got a cool Game Of Thrones filter!

The biggest winners in this sweepstake? Brands, marketers, and influencers, who now finally have a way to direct traffic to their respective websites.


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