13.07 2017 10:18h


That's going to make them more than a penny or two
Facebook, Messenger, Ads

Looks like annoying comment bubbles and tons of pointless notifications are about to become the least significant of your qualms with Facebook Messenger. After forcing users to download the independent application (separate from the default Facebook app), Facebook is now looking to further monetize off of its 1.2 billion user base, the most of any social platform, by introducing ads directly in Facebook Messenger.

The ads will reportedly be displayed on the app's home tab, clicking it will either direct you to the advertiser's site or open up a chat window (not too mad about that). To be fair, the social media giant has made improvements to it, as well as even releasing some pretty nifty and exclusive features.

Following beta tests in Australia and Thailand earlier this year, Facebook will slowly be releasing the same to groups of people globally.

Now, users will be able to hide specific ads and even report them; but before you ask, no, they will not be able to hide them entirely.  

And Sorry folks, this is one your ad-block is not going to fix. What are your thoughts?


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