20.07 2017 16:09h

10 Social Media Signs ‘It’s Over’

Trust this, not tea leaves
Social Media, Relationships, Signs

A news aggregator, source of entertainment, loads of memes, just a few of the reasons we’re so connected to social media…but perhaps the most important, it can be an indicator of your relationship's well-being.

It can be hard coming to grips with 'the end', often leading to us soft lads even ignoring clear warning signs and ultimately those 6 not so magical words, ‘I should have seen it coming’... After 10 too many expensive dinner dates.

So here’s a little cheat sheet to help you figure it out a little sooner.

Disclaimer, this doesn’t mean you jump ship as soon as you see one or two of these. These are just general indicators, everyone is different at the end of the day and may drop hints in different ways.

1. She stopped liking your posts…and memes (never found them funny to begin with)

Isn’t it annoying when couples lovingly support each other’s content, no matter how dull and boring they may be? While your friends might breathe a sigh of relief should all that stop, you certainly shouldn’t.

2. Her inbox is really, really full

And she’s really guarded with her phone all of a sudden.

3. You’ve been removed from her profile picture

Cover image too. Possibly worse than being on there in the first place.

4. Way too many selfies

Hint, they aren’t for you buddy. Yes, everyone takes selfies and if it’s a selfie (one selfie) every time she goes out, that’s fine. But if there in random shots and you’re in none of them, red flag!

5. All her new friends just happen to be guys

Do we really need to explain this one?

6. Starts Liking Other Guy’s Photos

Unless they're mutual friends or a classmate from 3rd grade (would watch out for him too), it's pretty clear what's going on here.

7. Vaguebooking Discontentment

If you start seeing 'what's the point anymore', or 'when you're moving forward but don't seem to be going anywhere'; deep and depressing stuff like that and she isn't talking to you about it, it's not looking good.

8. Doesn’t tag you in her pictures anymore

Once annoying, but you’ll miss it when it’s gone

9. Guys Start Liking Her Picture

Know what you’re thinking, you do the same, doesn’t mean she’s doing anything. But like sharks in blood infested waters, guys know when things are 'over' or moving towards it. Especially if she’s not exactly putting out an 'i'm taken' vibe.

10. She's always on Facebook Or Whatsapp Messenger...

But not talking to you. Maybe she just has a ton of active friends? Wouldn't bet on it.


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