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The Region's Biggest Fitness Influencers Worked Up A Sweat At Fitness 101

The Dubai gym where fitness meets luxury
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Did you skip the gym this past weekend? These influencers sure didn't.

This past Saturday, April 7 the strongest and fittest influencers in the region met at Fitness 101 by IGO Gym.

Located in The Polo Residences (Meydan Nad el Sheba) the luxury gym hosted a series of competitions and fitness challenges, ranging from bootcamp-style workouts to yoga sessions.

The day kicked off with the Skills Challenge.

Two teams, headed by captains Omar Borkan (@omarborkan) and Jehad Muntasser (@jmuntasser), competed to finish a series of obstacles in the quickest amount of time.

Team Borkan won, finishing the course in three minutes and 22 seconds.

Team Muntasser came in second, clocking in at just over four minutes. Better luck next time, Muntasser. 

The Bootcamp Challenge was up next.

Peter Barron (@peterbarron13) and Nadine Du Toit (@glorygirlfit) led the session.

Participants paired up together to complete a workout that included ankle taps, bear crawls, squat jumps with high-fives, on-the-spot sprints and  more. Needless to say, the fitness fanatics were left feeling sweaty and sore - and the day wasn't even halfway finished!

The Weightlifting Challenge followed bootcamp...

Supervised by Inger Houghton (@ingerindubai) and Tracy Harmoush (@tracyharmoush), individuals who took part in this challenge were given a series of intensive strength circuit exercises.

Push ups, pull ups, Russian twists, box jumps, you name it - this challenge was tough.

The gym-goers soon had time to catch a bit of a breather. Yoga was up next!

The much needed stretch and yoga session was led by Fitness 101 instructors Michelle Qubrosi (@michelle_polefitdubai) and Cristina Cranganu (@cristinacranganu). Participants relaxed in dancer's pose and practiced their handstands, before finishing off the day with a spin class.

Because no workout is complete without a good spin, right?

The interactive group cycle is was an immersive experience combining music, visuals and coaching throughout the ride. The spin class was design for fitness fanatics of all levels, and influencer Derrick Best (@black_arab_official) had everyone working up a sweat. 

Overall, it was a day well-spent at one of the most versatile gyms in Dubai.

From the gorgeous interiors to the hi-tech equipment, Fitness 101 is for serious fitness enthusiasts who are committed to a healthy and active luxury lifestyle.


Planning on trying out Fitness 101 by IGO Gyms? Let us know in the comments below...


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