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Is there a difference between a blogger and an influencer?
Because yes, there is definitely a difference
5 Latin American and Caribbean Influencers to Follow
BRB, living vicariously through their feeds!
YouTubeTV increases monthly price to $64.99
It's the most expensive Cable TV alternative
Charli D'Amelio responds after look-a-like Ellie Zeiler is accused of 'shading' her
Ellie had previously clarified in a TikTok Live video that her "shady" comment was absolutely not about Charli.
India has banned TikTok, WeChat and other Chinese Apps
The decision to ban Chinese apps comes days after popular Chinese social media app WeChat–also banned by India–removed updates by the embassy of India
YouTube Influencer Jenna Marbles quits her channel
She's yet another star who has faced blackface backlash from fans
Egyptian TikTok Influencer sentenced to Prison for racy videos
An Egyptian court cited 'debauchery' as the reason for her prison sentence
Can I use this image on social media?
A proper understanding of image copyright can save a lot of time and trouble on social media
Google Sending Users to News Sites 24 Billion Times Every Month
Google has signed partnerships with local and national publications in Germany, Australia and Brazil
Instagram is working on a new feature called 'Video Note'