Liven Up Your Daily Video Calls with Snapchat's Desktop App
The Snap Camera Desktop App is compatible with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Hangouts.
WHO and Snapchat team up to fight COVID-19 with new lens
Snapchat is launching its newest lens to raise awareness on the WHO's efforts in combating COVID-19.
Snapchat Provides Marketing Tips for Brands
Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, Brands are looking for tips and tricks to find ways to connect with their audience..

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Snapchat Is Getting A Makeover Very Soon
The Story-sharing platform is changing up a few key features...
Snapchat Wants To Support Your Well-Being
Here's how the platform is working to improve its users' mental health
Snapchat's Bitmoji TV Will Make You The Star of Your Own Show
Here's how you can become the leading star in your own series
Snapchat and Facebook have launched Super Bowl-Themed Filters
It's going to be a touchdown with Snapchat and Facebook's new filters this weekend!
Snapchat's new feature "Scan" can solve math problems with your camera
Why point and shoot when you can point and interact.
Find out if 2020 is going be the year of deepfakes going mainstream
Some social media platforms are already racing to be the first to add Deep Fake Technology.
Snapchat Acquired Al Factory to Enhance the Cameo Feature
You won't believe the insights of this acquisition that cost 166 million USD
Snapchat is set to roll out "Bitmoji TV"
Bitmoji won't be limited to stickers and Stories, content to get engaging...