Social Media

How to practice self-compassion on social media
Don't fall victim to quarantine comparison
Social Media Queen Chrissy Teigen is taking a break from Twitter
The model / influencer is taking a hiatus because media trolls
Millenials love Instagram but which platform do boomers prefer?

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Maximize Engagement with these Key Video Tips Shared by Twitter
Video is known to be the best performing content across all social platforms, and here's how you can maximize engagement!
How the Different Generations of Consumers are Using Social Media
Gen Z, Gen X, Millennials and Baby Boomers use social media differently
TikTok is Officially Launching a New Set of Parental Controls
TikTok's New Parental Controls will protect minors on the application..
Simulcast Your IG Live onto Facebook with Instagram's Newest Option
Simulcast IG Live streams onto Facebook's platform.
Drake's 'Toosie Slide' reaches 3 Billion Views on TikTok
The dance number is also the fastest growing music trend on TikTok ever!
WHO "Health Alert" bot Launched on Messenger
WHO's newest 'Health Alert' Bot on Messenger is meant to provide updated info on COVID-19
"Video Chapters" In Testing on YouTube's Platform
Skip through to relevant sections in a video with YouTube's new test, "Video Chapters"
7 Ways to Campaign Effectively with Facebook Messenger
Enhance Your Marketing Campaign with these tips and tricks!