09.08 2020 15:57h

What does it really mean to get cancelled? Do celebrities deserve it?

It’s nothing new that celebrities are getting cancelled day in and day out.

During last week's episode of the ITP Live show @official_s1 joined Rouhana El Hage to discuss the cancel culture and how it affects celebrities.

They share their opinions on how some celebrities deserve to get cancelled for actions they have pulled. As well as celebrities who have been cancelled that do not deserve it.

The two discussed how cancel culture could be used as a PR stunt, which may be true as S1 said “no PR is bad PR.”

The hilarious duo spoke about public figures such as Kim Kardashian and Ellen DeGeneres. S1 mentions the fact that the public finds pleasure in cancelling people of high success before proof has been given. As well as the fact that people of high fame should know that they are being watched and judged 24/7.

They went on further and brought up an important topic about cancelling people for their actions from years ago and shared their opinions about that.

Watch the show to find out more about what the duo thinks about the cancel culture and who they think should be cancelled!


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