20.08 2020 19:41h

How to use social media to grow your musical career!

Social media grows your exposure and the ability to relate with your audience.

On this week’s episode of the ITP Live Show, @yamane.music joins Rouhana to talk about kickstarting your music career on social media!

Yamane, singer from The Voice, used the show as a head start for her career. She used the exposure she got from The Voice to grow and expose herself further on social media and become more relatable to her audience

There are many ways to grow your brand on social media, the top three are posting regularly, post about your personal life because it makes the music more relatable to the audience, and collaborations.

Collaborating with other artists on social media can help grow your audience immensely. One way to do this is by going live with other artists on Instagram. Now is a great time to do this since artists can’t perform live. Yamane went live with her friend on Instagram, who had a show on Instagram Live everyday featuring new artists. 

Musicians should be inspired from anything and everything, so they are not limited and be able to give a diverse and relatable outcome.

Yamane explains how her true personality wasn’t shown on The Voice, and she uses social media to show her true image and true self. She explains she is very easy going and her music is going to be transparent and genuine.

Yamane is in the midst of creating her first album and perfecting it! She is looking for the perfect genre of music that matches her and her brand.

Throughout the show we are given snippets of her beautiful voice singing all types of songs, songs that make you feel good, break up songs, happy songs, and even Arabic songs!

Tune into this week’s episode of the ITP Live show to catch Yamane talk more about creating her personal brand through social media!


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