01.07 2019 17:18h

Let's Talk Jinn: Episode Four

Here's how it all went down on the Arabic "aftershow" with Ahmed Al Nasheet

In the episode four of our new show with Netflix we sat down with the cast of the first Arabic Netflix original series Jinn to discuss the fourth episode" #JinnHunter " with Aysha Shahaltough , Zaid Zoubi  and Ban Halaweh.

There's a lot of first with this show from opening the door to the Netflix orginal shows here in the region to collaborating with talent from the region to create new things like this show you are watching which is the first Arabic "aftershow" that cover a series in Arabic.

في الحلقة الرابعة من برنامجنا مع نتفلكس الشرق الاوسط جلس أحمد النشيط مع طاقم التمثيل ونجوم مسلسل جن المسلسل العربي الاصلي الاول لنتفلكس وفي هذا البرنامج راح نفصل كل حلقة ونتكلم فيها معاهم عن كل شيئ يخص مسلسل جن.

Check it out here on ITP Live (@ITPLive) and be sure to subscribe to Ahmed Al Nasheet's (@DVLZGame) YouTube channel, so you don't miss out any new episodes.


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