Brush Stroke

7 Social media approved fashion styles

Daisy Jacob 27/11/2023

Brush Stroke

Deck up the bag

Adorn your cherished bag with accumulated charms, lucky totems, and special bracelets, transforming it from a mere accessory into a personalized style statement

Go max. on the jewerly

Style your jewelry layering necklaces, rings, mixing metals, meaningful pieces, and colors to create a modern, personalized set

Belt + Belt

Whether it's a French tuck with jeans and a sweater or adding multiple belts like Bella Hadid, transform a look, with cohesion and texture and elevate a simple outfit

"I meant to do it"

Allow subtle variations to avoid a messy appearance; pairing. Keep it polished and interesting without overwhelming the senses

Warm shoulders

Tie a sweater around your shoulders in a classic prep move. Experiment with crossbody ties, shoulder draping, or waist ties to create a multi-layered effect and alter your silhouette.

Add a pair of socks

Transform loafers into a dressier style and add pops of color to neutral outfits, while also giving a casual touch to kitten heels or pumps

Layer it — Creatively 

Style with timeless layering techniques, from button-downs over turtlenecks to camisoles on t-shirts