Top 10 Fashion Influencers to follow in 2024

Daisy Jacob 11/01/2024

The Roman empire of luxury unboxings, bridging known and unknown brands

Respected in fashion TikTok with 4.4m followers, known for GRWM content and a looming wedding

Seriously chic with stylish 'fits, offering a BTS look into Hollywood's famed faces

OG fashion mogul with a cult following, showcasing designer fits at luxury events

Effortless street style queen, blending gorp-core and Simone Rocha for cool-girl vibes

Quirky style inspiration, particularly adept at layering wardrobe pieces

A glimpse into the elite world of designer shopping and luxurious holidays

Fashion day-in-the-life videos that might make you consider a drastic lifestyle change

Untamed TikTok featuring a stylist, writer, and influencer's take on fashion and beauty

Vibrant, energetic videos featuring cute apartment dress-ups with a focus on layering and unique styles