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Top 5 female owned businesses to support in Dubai

Ishika Nanda 30/11/2023


Who was once just a passionate fashion designer, Bazoo's founder Mina Bazoo from scratch, created every piece of clothing for her business. Mina hand makes every piece of her clothing with love.

Ya Omri Swimwear 

Whoever thinks trying to look elegant in a bikini is near to impossible has never tried ya omri. This female-founded brand’s dedication to elegance is unmatched. Tailored to every body shape and size, anyone and everyone can find a swimsuit here. 

Pro-Fit International 

Pro Fit is a sportswear and uniform manufacturer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Been open for 20+ years, Pro Fit has been seeing designing jerseys for some of the most famous athletes. Whether you're looking for jerseys for your team or want to customize some christmas t-shirts, Pro Fit is the way to go.

14 Stitches

the global pandemic inspired Badreeya, a passionate girl for crochet and fashion to becoming the CEO of her company, 14 stitches. 14 stitches is known to have some of the most unique and eclectic pieces. 


Blanco, beauty salon and spa, created by founder Mara Giogaki. Mara's love for all things beauty and interest for diversity is what inspired her to create Blanco. Blanco's aim is to make every woman beautiful