16.10 2019 13:14h

Instagram Stories May Feature An ‘Invite’ Sticker Soon

Your birthday party invites just for a whole lot better
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Instagram has been playing around with new updates and creative tools this past week, but there’s no stopping now.

The app is now testing another new Stories sticker creative tool but for event planning!

The invite sticker includes the date, title, location, and the option to RSVP. It is a much simpler and cooler way compared to using polls and Yes/No stickers for parties. 

Reverse-engineer Jane Munchun Wong (@wongmjane) discovered this exciting feature and shared it on Twitter.

For brands and influencers who market events on Instagram, this tool is a great new way to engage with followers.

It can be used to show exclusivity by posting on a close friends list, promoting meet and greets/Q&A and even just to announce the launch of a new product.

For now, Instgram has not officially confirmed wether this feature will be available to the public any time soon. However, Jane Munchun Wong's app discoveries usually become true within a few months.

Wong is known to discover hidden features on apps and previously tweeted that Instagram is also testing out a way to use DMs on desktops. This will make it easier for big brands on Instagram that have too many DMs to respond to that is not possible to do over the phone. 

Other updates that Instagram announced in the past few weeks including the removal of the Following Activity tab on the app. A new Creative mode on Instagram Stories is also now available making it easier to use the story tools. 

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

Image credits: Shutterstock.


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