WHO and Snapchat team up to fight COVID-19 with new lens
Snapchat is launching its newest lens to raise awareness on the WHO's efforts in combating COVID-19.
"Tuned" App for Couples Launched by Facebook
New application launched for couples to share personal interactions, stay tuned for Facebook's "Tuned"!
COVID-19/5G Conspiracy Theory Videos on YouTube Will be Restricted
Any ideas regarding COVID-19 and 5G conspiracy linked together will be restricted on YouTube.
Personal Branding on Social Media and Its Importance in 2020
Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic people are looking for ways to build their personal brand, here's why this is important.
Why we place our trust in the UAE amidst a global pandemic
The trust we place in our government will determine how we rise even stronger
Bollywood Superstars team up to spread COVID-19 awareness
The moral of the story, stay home and stay safe!

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Snapchat Provides Marketing Tips for Brands
Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, Brands are looking for tips and tricks to find ways to connect with their audience..
"Lists" are turning into "Channels" to Boost Content Exposure on Twitter
Pending improvements on the social media platform...
Focused Improvements on Security coming to Video Meeting App Zoom
Zoom works on improving its security measures amidst an increase of usage during the COVID-19 lockdowns..
Working from from Home Security Tips Provided by Facebook
Stay secure while online with these tips!
Instagram's Newest Feature Limits Exposure to Sensitive Content
The social platforms attempts to filter good and bad news for users...
Facebook releases "Community Help" feature during COVID-19 lockdown
Facebook users can register to help neighbors or request assistance...
Option to Add More than One Guest on IG Live is currently under Instagram's Consideration
Users might be able to live stream with more than one person at a time via Instagram Live!