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The reigning crystal queen of Instagram continues to inspire with her artwork…
Sara shakeel, Coronavirus outbreak 2020, Crystal art
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Sara Shakeel (@sarashakeel), a former dentist turned crystal artist, is pretty much Instagram royalty at this point. Having amassed close to one million followers on Instagram, the social media savvy Pakistani artist has become synonymous with inspiring, uplifting and surreal artworks which shed light on current issues while simultaneously highlighting its beauty.

Her images invoke a plethora of emotions from her followers simply through the use of crystal, glitter and filters.

Sara’s #WASHYOURHANDS series quickly became viral as fellow influencers and fans worldwide were determined to spread the message amid the global COVID-19 pandemic which has affected almost everyone.

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I had an OVERWHELMING response with my #WashYourHands series , I mean all I did was create a sparkly artwork reminding myself ( I mean I used to wash my hands before lol but in tough times like these the workout was more intense , little did I know my “Extraordinary “ filter was used by all of you for creating your very own sparkling version ! What amazes me is how freaking creative are all of you !!!? I have shared all the videos I could ( unfortunately it only allows 10) , the rest are in my highlights dedicated to you all! Remember one thing ✨....this too shall pass !! . . CollageArt Sara Shakeel . . . #art #washyourhands #imagine #creative #toughtimessowhat #love #clean #sparkling #happiness #imagination #vision #creation #soap #covid_19 #who #world #healthylifestyle #healthforall #contemporaryart

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We love Sara's work simply because she brings to light issues which are relevant and important in an inspiring, beautiful and thought-provoking way. Perhaps as a society we have become used to news articles and important facts being delivered in a serious somewhat scary manner? Sara's work brings to light topics which demand attention in a way which captures the minds, hearts and attention of millenial viewers. 

Her recent quarantine series is also equally as aesthetically pleasing as its #WASHYOURHANDS counterpart...