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In celebration of the feature's 1st birthday
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1. Reply to Stories with photo and video

...Cause comments are overrated. Tap the new camera button while watching a story to reply with a photo or a video. You can use creative tools like face filters, stickers and rewind in your replies as well.

2. Clone yourself with selfie stickers

Use the upper right-hand corner of the screen to bring up your stickers menu. Tap the new selfie icon, take a photo and tap the button below to capture a mini selfie to post your reactions and face-swap with friends.

3. Put a pin in it

To pin your selfie sticker or any other sticker or piece of text to a spot on screen, select the sticker and hold your finger down to move it to a final location. Tap pin and voila – there it stays, even over moving video!

4. Rewind your video

In case the title didn't give it away, the features play your video in reverse.  Instagram stories, making moonwalking super easy since 2016.

5. Hashtag sticker 

Add a hashtag in a story with simple text or the new hashtag sticker. Tap the hashtag to explore related content.

6. Get a closer look

Hold down on the video circle and swipe up to zoom in on a photo or video. Easy enough to do with just one finger!

7. Experiment with erasing

With the new eraser brush, you can erase other things you've drawn and play around with removing color in Stories.

8. Color block your screen

If you choose a color from the palette on the bottom of your stories screen and hold your finger down on the screen, the entire screen will turn that color—giving you a backdrop that you can write or draw on, add stickers to, or even selectively erase to show the photo beneath. Making cheesy quote pictorials have never been so easy.

9. Color code your text

If you want your text to appear in different colors, select a letter or word and then click on the new color you want it to turn. Change up the color combo any way you choose.

10. Transform an Instagram Live into a Boomerang

Upload a Live video from your iPhone to the camera and turn it into a Boomerang by pressing down and holding the screen.

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