08.06 2017 12:35h

Stop Whatever You're Doing & Watch This Despacito Cover!

Take notes Bieber
Viral, Trending, Singing dentist

So the most influential figure in the dental industry, Dr. Milad Shadrooh (Aka the Singing Dentist) is back, this time around with a cover of the tad overplayed, but great tune, Despacito, that tbh may just put Justin Bieber's to shame.

As you would've guessed, this isn't his first parody and hopefully not his last. His fun videos have left 100's of thousands of people around the world entertained and informed, not to mentioned made the prospect of a dentist vist more than bearable for...erm kids, yea kids (cause we adults are far too mature for that). With this video alone receiving over 10 million views in under a day.

Here are some of his best ones. Don't worry, he's a certified dentist, so it's okay to binge on these.


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