03.07 2017 14:49h

Dubai Launches 'WeChat' Number To Support Chinese Consumers

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WeChat, Messaging, Chinese, Consumer

In an amazing gesture, the Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection (CCCP) sector in the Dubai Economy launched a platform on WeChat, popular messaging app in the Chinese community to increase transparency and isnpire consumer confidence.

How? By connecting over +971 55 9540619, Chinese speaking residents can log complaints, allowing them to be more confident about their purchasing decisions and their rights as consumers in the region.

The CEO of CCCP, Mohammed Ali Rashed Lootah in speaking about the platform, stated ''The WeChat window is a new addition to the various conventional and social media channels, including email and Twitter, available for consumers to connect with us. It's easier now for the Chinese-speaking shoppers in Dubai and the UAE to reach us through WeChat and help us to protect their rights as consumers''

By connecting over the aforementioned number, a Chinese speaker will be assigned to receive their complaints.


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