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What does a fairy-alien hybrid look like? MUA Niohuru shows us how

Dive into a world where fictional beings are brought to life by MUA Niohuru’s creative looks.

MUA Niohuru
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Ever wondered how some fantasy films are able to make fictional aliens look so real? We blame some of the best makeup artists as they bring a new world of creative imagination to social media.

MUA Niohuru is social media’s latest frenzy as the Chinese, LA-based artist makes us question the possibilities of reality by what makeup can do. In a recent interview, MUA Niohuru said that “I think of myself as a mermaid all the time. I’m an insane fish/reptile/anything with scales nerd, I could spend all day in an aquarium.” 

The makeup influencer is popping up more and more on beauty pages for the twisted fantasies portrayed that make aspiring artists green with jealousy.

Scroll through the carousel to fill your inspiration well with looks that will leave you breathless.

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