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12-year-old kick-boxing champion, Amira Tahri

Meet the youngest and most successful kick-boxer in the world of sports.

12-year-old kick-boxing champion, Amira Tahri

Not many 12-year-olds know what they want to be when they’re older, however, young Amira Tahri has already achieved so much at such a young age. Living with her family in the Netherlands, Amira is known as a professional kickboxer for over 6 years at only 12 years of age. Having already won 25 fights (9 K.O) in a row, 4 World Championship titles and 4 European Championships, Amira, her father Younes and trainer will be arriving in Abu Dhabi for her next fight on the 12th November in Etihad Arena.

In 2019, Amira became the first young girl in kick-boxing to have collaborated with the well-known sports brand Nike. This not only created awareness around the sport of kick-boxing, but also heightened Amira’s influencers of being a young sports enthusiast and encouraged her to do more. Forward onto April 2020, a documentary about Amira was broadcasted on Videoland. Director Alza Jo Ttatlehner says in the documentary “watching Amira train is like standing in front of a miracle. I wanted to know why a ten-year-old girl is so good not only on a Dutch or European level, but also on an international level. Now I understand why people call her The Wonder Girl.”

Amira now has over 156,000 followers on Instagram with many celebrities inspired by the young talent. French Montana, Jamie Lee Foxx, Huda Kattan, Rico Verhoevan, Umidjon Mavlyanov are to name a few. Others include football players, athletes, artists and business entrepreneurs.

With her Moroccan background, Amira is already inspiring young girls and women in North Africa and the Middle East with her strong-willed attitude and fight to keep going. She has previously said in a recording “I am never too tired to fight” and we can see that across all the videos and achievements Amira has posted across social media.