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10 Marius Sperlich artistic creations of surreal and provocative artworks

German influencer Marius Sperlich experiments with art in an unusual yet exceptional way.

Marius Sperlich

Using the human body as inspiration and a canvas for experimenting, German artist and producer Marius Sperlich is an embodiment of illusion. Within his tightly shot, highly saturated images, is a combination of the artist’s work and unspoken truths.

As part of Marius’ 2019 exhibition at CONTEXT Art Miami, he produced a piece called LIKES – MONEY. This unique piece was to be priced by the dependency on Instagram likes. Within 24 hours, the installation had generated 110,000 likes and therefore the selling price became $100,000. Marius’ form of creative and commercial photography of body parts has given him the recognition he deserves having been published in various publications.

Take a look below at some of our favourite works by Marius and let us know which one you like the best.

1. Emotional Baggage

2. Summer 1990″ 2021

3. Obsession with eternal youth

4. Surrealism

5. Hot Summers Day

6. Winter Wonderland

7. #Like4Like

8. It’s deep rooted

9. Row, row, row, your boat…

10. Deep sea diving

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