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Top 10 parent influencers to follow on Instagram in 2022

Parents love to show off their children so we want to show the parents off!

Parent Influencers

If you’re an influencer who also happens to be a parent, why wouldn’t you want to show off your children on social media? Some parents are reserved about having their children online and that’s fine, but others may want them to either grow up in their parent’s footsteps as a social media icon or can’t help but show them off to everyone!

It’s where the term “proud parents” came from. Taking their first steps, visiting their first country, taking their first bite of food, participating in or winning their first sports, the list goes on. We have put together a list of influencers who love to take pictures with their children to show to all their followers. They love it, and so do we.

1. Riri Dada

Riri Dada loves to explore and visit new places. She is a storyteller through her pictures and through her captions with her family being a huge part of who she is. Although Riri loves to show us adventure posts, she also includes her son in many of her posts as well as her husband. As we read in the image below, she and her son are just ‘One soul. Two bodies.’

2. Logina Salah

Having just opened the show at Arab Fashion Week 2022 walking for Jean Louis Sabaji x Barbie collection, Logina Salah is breaking barriers and changing conversations. The influencer is all about equality and making the Middle East diverse. In an interview with ITP Live at the beginning of the year, it was on Logina’s vision board to spend more time with her daughter and we have seen just that. As busy as she may be, these precious moments with her girl are beautiful to watch.

3. Karen Wazen

After joining Fashion Trust Arabia on the Advisory Board, Karen Wazen is a busy bee juggling her entrepreneurial life with her mummy life. Just recently, she uploaded a carousel of Halloween images of her, her children, and her husband dressed up in various costumes. Make a suggestion on Karen Wazen’s profile on what she should dress up this year.

4. DJ Bliss & Danya – *one to watch*

DJ Bliss is all over the scene at the moment. First DJ’ing at 50 Cent’s concert at Coca-Cola Arena to attending the NBA’s in Abu Dhabi with his influencer wife Danya, he is making his mark everywhere. We noted him as the *one to watch* as we believe there is more to come from this DJ, producer, and entrepreneur. Follow him for more updates as Dubai Bling, which Bliss and his wife are staring in, will be out at the end of the month on Netflix.

5. Nabela

Nabela has shared her story throughout her life after blowing up as a makeup influencer on social media. She shares her story of the struggles of her weight and how she fought to be with her now husband, Seth. Nabela’s struggle of trying to have a baby was a story she would post about on her Instagram. After showing a video of her miscarriages, Nabela finally uploaded the one video everyone waited for – her pregnancy announcement. She shared her full journey including the highs and the lows and regularly posts about her daughter and husband on her Instagram feed. Nabela also has exciting projects coming up in the pipeline so keep a lookout on her page for more news.

6. Niki Shah

The feeling of becoming parents for the first time can be exciting as well as daunting. Niki Shah an influencer in Dubai, has put down her makeup brushes and swapped her heels for slippers as she and her husband have welcomed a baby girl into their homes. It’s the best feeling to take pictures with your bump, but even more, warming to hold your baby in your arms. Expect to see more baby content from Niki as the little one grows day by day.

7. Lowisahi

If you strip the film director and entrepreneur title away, Lowi Sahi is first and foremost a husband and dad to his little girl. It is beautiful to see such diverse content of love and warmth on his profile with his wife and child. Lowi shows the importance of date night as well as the content moments with his daughter. Isn’t that what life is all about? These precious moments?

8. Nouf Nabil

If you have stumbled across Nouf Nabil’s profile, you must have stopped to scroll as it is filled with bright colours and new outfits. Not only does Nouf dress up for every occasion, you can also find her twinning with her minis or dressing them up in matching/contrasting outfits. We do love a perfectionist sometimes!

9. The Fahmi Family

Step aside the Kardashian sisters as the Fahmi family is taking over the world by storm. Each member of the family has over a million followers and is the most famous sister in the middle east. Anything the sisters touch or do, everyone goes wild over. The eldest sister Raghad Fahmi who is currently studying dentistry also enjoys dressing up and showing her modest fashion on her feed. The younger sisters who are in their prime of enjoying content creation are also popular on Instagram, and YouTube where they create lifestyle vlogs, challenges, and pranks. We are looking forward to seeing the growth and success of the Fahmi family and seeing the girls take over the Middle East – if you don’t know, get to know!

10. Alfie Deyes

If this image doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will. Alfie Deyes, a video creator based in the UK lives by the seaside with his wife and baby girl. Inspired by special moments, Alfie makes sure it is not only in his work that he captures the perfect details but also in his own life with his wife and baby at the forefront of his captures. There is something gentle and imperfectly perfect about Alfie’s content. Take a look and tell us if you agree.

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