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Dog Becomes Instagram Famous, Shares Story of Hope

Bunny, a 7-month-old pitbull, has become a star on Instagram and is sharing an important message with her fans

Dog Becomes Instagram Famous, Shares Story of Hope

You’ve probably heard the term social media influencer—someone whose job requires them to maintain an active Instagram or Facebook following. They pose for photo shoots, work with sponsors and brands, and even have adoring fans wishing to meet them. Well, what about dog influencers? Or “dog-fluencers,” if you will?

Turns out, there are many social-media-famous dogs (and cats!) that have risen to fame online and share their cute smiles and wagging tails with the world—including Bunny, a 7-month-old pitbull from Bradenton, Florida.

Bunny may be Instagram famous and unbelievably adorable, but she has a much deeper message to share with fans. Her story of healing and hope alongside her owner, veterinarian Ali Thompson, is one of resilience, determination and unconditional love.

After being diagnosed with tetanus in early April of 2020, Bunny was in a state of constant pain and unable to walk, sit up or even wag her tail for weeks. Through weeks of intensive therapy and major TLC, Bunny pushed through and was able to make a full recovery with the help of her family. 

Now, as an Instagram ‘dogfluencer’ Bunny continues to spread messages of hope, love and determination through her sassy Instagram posts which now depict a very happy and healthy dog.

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FINAL CONTINUED from 3 posts back. I share the details – both gory and good because right now I feel like we all could use a break from what’s filling our news feeds. Mostly, I share this because Bunny is a success story fueled by her own fighter spirit and someone else’s belief in not giving up despite some really ugly times. I believe we all need reminders like this from time to time. This is Bunny’s story & she is a miracle of sorts. Some would say, “she is just a dog”, but to me, dogs are one of the best gifts God put on this planet. Bunny would not be alive and now walking around on her own if her owner hadn’t signed her over to me. I am so thankful to him. I didn’t meet him but I’ll always remember the selflessness that he showed to his puppy that I’m sure he already loved. Bunny wouldn’t be alive if she was a different dog. Her body endured more than what most others could handle. I told her from the start of this, that if anything can get through this, it’s you girl. I’m telling y’all, to look at her is to look at some little legend … She really is amazing. Bunny wouldn’t be alive if a tired vet hadn’t held onto the percentage that said she COULD survive, not the one that said she probably wouldn’t. Lastly, I know Bunny wouldn’t be here if God hadn’t heard my prayers. I truly believe this and give Him thanks for helping me through this challenging case. In my profession it is easy to get burnt out. To constantly rationalize all the sad euthanasias you didn’t want to do but did, to work through every lunch break only to have another frustrating case where the owners are non-compliant, don’t have funds, aren’t willing to treat after failing to allow for early intervention and treatment … the list goes on. But Bunny was a reminder to me that grit and compassion are a fierce combination. And even when you’re tired, find those two things. They can transform you. When put together there’s not much they can’t beat … not even an ugly beast like Tetanus. So, next time you’re doubting yourself in the midst of a painful situation, stop and remember this special dog’s story and like my friend and a wise five year old said, “Be brave like Bunny”.

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Bunny’s story teaches us a lot as humans—about hope and determination, no matter how difficult the circumstances, we can all rise. 

Plus, who can resist that adorable puppy smile?

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