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Celebrities around the world are donating and sending tributes to Lebanon

The Weeknd, Ariana Grande, Bella Hadid, George Clooney, and more are using their platforms to spread awareness and methods of helping!

Celebrities around the world are donating and sending tributes to Lebanon

It has been two weeks since the explosion in the port of Beirut killing some and injuring many. Fortunately, the media has not stopped talking about it. People around the world are continuing to spread awareness and ways of helping.

The Weeknd was one of the stars to send a hefty donation to Global Aid for Lebanon of $300,000. The Weeknd’s manager, Wassim Slaiby, made the announcement on Instagram. The Weeknd has made large donations in the past for different charities, including Black Lives Matter, National Bail Out, COVID-19 Relief Fund and to frontline health workers in Ontario.

Wassim and his wife, Rima Fakih, also donated $250,000 to launch a global campaign with Global Citizen to aid the victims of the tragedy that took place in Lebanon, their home country.

Bella Hadid joins the list of A-list celebrities who are playing their part in giving back. On an Instagram posted last week, she shared a heart-breaking video of an older lady playing the piano in her home which became rubble. Hadid captioned the photo “My eyes and heart are crying for you Lebanon… I will be sending donations to the Lebanese Red Cross, as well as ALL of the smaller organizations in Beirut.”

Ariana Grande sent out a tweet on August 5th sending her love and prayers and asked her fans to support and donate if they are able to as she will be doing the same.

George Clooney and his wife, Amal Clooney, also donated to Lebanese charities a total of $100,000.

Youtuber, Zane Hijazi, who has family in Beirut and grew up there urged people to donate to Lebanese Red Cross. He posted a thread of tweets including different reliable sources to donate to.

Rihanna has also posted on Instagram to raise awareness of the explosion in Beirut and send her condolences, she included trusted organizations for her fans to donate to.

Dua Lipa has also used her platform to raise awareness and urge people to help and donate if they can. She captioned her photo “Lebanon is on its knees and needs us more than ever…We have come together to help. Please donate if you can and share this information.”

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