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Basecamp Lebanon: The best thing that has happened since the recent tragedy

There is light at the end of the tunnel for Beirut and its people!

Basecamp Lebanon: The best thing that has happened since the recent tragedy

A group of NGO’s joined forces to offer the Lebanese people everything they need post-explosion. Minteshreen, Baytna Baytak, Muwatin Lebnene and Embrace Lebanon are the main NGO’s taking part.

Volunteers from around Lebanon have come to support the initiative. Volunteers sign in when they arrive at the scene, and they are assigned to specific tasks for the day. Whether it be part of the medical team, engineering team, cleaning and home supply etc.

There is the main headquarters and within there are different departments. There is the data and construction department, where scouts are sent out to different areas depending on whether the area needs construction or not, this data is sent to the data team.

The construction team takes the data and filters it depending on clusters and work to be done. Then, the call center calls the people who need work done and make an appointment for the next day. The next day the contractors are sent with a team leader to ensure measurements of the property are done correctly.

When the contractors return to the Basecamp headquarters, there are price negotiations and it is set for execution!

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The next department within Basecamp is food, which is separated into 2 divisions. The first is food boxes that are delivered to people, the boxes are dispatched with volunteers. The second division is ready-to-eat that are dispatched with other NGO’s such as the Red Cross, Caritas.

There are several types of donations in the food department, people come to the camp and donate essentials such as canned food, rice, sugar. As well as, larger companies that donate food in bulk to the camp.

The third department is emotional support, where the NGO Embrace comes into place. They are the national mental health hotline for Lebanon for suicide prevention and emotional support. They decided to be on the ground as well as on the line, so they set up a base at the camp.

The fourth department is the Toters, they had their offices completely destroyed, and wanted to help rebuild Beirut. They sent 12 of their drivers to help with anything and everything at Basecamp.

The fifth department is medical aid, there is a medical tent where a doctor and nurse are there at all times on duty for patients. They are there to remove stitches, cure them, help them, supply them with medications. All the donations are from people coming form abroad.

There is also a hygiene department, where all the products are donated by the people! there is soap, cream, sanitizers, everything you can think of is available.

Sixth, the waste management department. A lot of waste is being produced at Basecamp, what they decided to do is sort out all of the garbage.

There is also a supplies department, where volunteers are supplied with everything they need to fix homes, glass, doors, aluminum, furniture.

This basecamp was put together for the Lebanese citizens to come together to help rebuild all what they’ve lost, with their generosity, solidarity and love for their country.

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