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Justin Bieber Strips Off All His Tattoos For His Music Video ‘Anyone’.

Justin Bieber underwent quite the transformation for his latest music video.

Justin Bieber Strips Off All His Tattoos For His Music Video 'Anyone'.

Justin Bieber released the “Anyone” music video last week, in which the singer trains as a boxer alongside Zoey Deutch.

Bieber covered the tattoos on his arms, legs, neck, torso, and face for the video.

The “Yummy” singer shared a time-lapse video of himself in his underwear getting the tattoos covered on Instagram on Friday.

Fans said the clean look reminded them of Bieber’s earlier years in the public eye.

Justin Bieber released the music video for his latest single “Anyone” on New Year’s Day as he performed the song live for a virtual audience.

Directed by Collin Tilley, the “Anyone” video has a retro feel, with Deutch and Bieber wearing period clothing and Bieber drinking raw eggs as he trains.

The video’s big finish shows Bieber being knocked down during a championship match, but he manages to get back and find the strength to win the competition by thinking of his love for Deutch.
Adding to the old-fashioned feel of the video, Bieber temporarily removed a hallmark of his modern look: his 60 tattoos.

Other scenes throughout the video depict Bieber weighing in before a fight, sprinting along a lakeshore, sharing intimate moments with Deutch, 26, and participating in preliminary boxing matches.

After seemingly being knocked out in his final match of the video, Bieber gains the strength to stand and take out his opponent – after which he proudly holds up his title belt and shares a kiss with Deutch.