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Frankie Now The Most Famous Amongst The Jonas Brothers-Thanks To TikTok

After making an account last mid-October the youngest of the Jonases has skyrocketed as a trolling jokester on the app.

Frankie Now The Most Famous Amongst The Jonas Brothers-Thanks To TikTok

Frankie doesn’t shy away from poking fun at himself for being the least famous of his bros on TikTok.

For more than a decade, the Jonas Brothers have been known as a trio.

The name is rather self-explanatory, but in case you’re unaware Kevin, 33, Joe, 31, and Nick, 28, are real-life brothers who are also… in a band together.

They rose to fame as teen stars, with purity rings, very of-the-time hair styles and romances with their equally as ‘squeaky clean’ (at least back then) Disney colleagues, including AJ Michalka, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato.

And a fair few bangers under their belt too, to be honest. ‘Burnin’ Up’ still goes off.

But throughout the entirety of the Jonas Brothers’ career, which picked back up after the band got back together in 2019, there has been another lesser-known Jonas.

‘Lesser-known’ until recently, when Frankie Jonas became the official favourite Jo Bro of precisely all of TikTok.

The youngest Jonas was only four when his brothers formed their band. Since he’s eight years younger than Nick, it made sense that Frankie wasn’t involved in the band growing up.

Instead, he has spent the last 15 years known as the ‘Bonus Jonas’ to fans.

His childhood was a little unorthodox, on account of those famous brothers.

In January 2021, Frankie told Paper Mag that growing up in this weird environment – being adjacent to fame but not quite famous himself – left him with “weird feelings about being in the public eye”.

Though having said that after making an account on the app in mid-October, the youngest of the Jonases has skyrocketed as a trolling jokester on the app over the last several weeks where he pokes fun at being the least famous of his brothers and shares self-deprecating humor that has garnered him more than 1.4 million followers and 20 million likes on the app.

In the span of a few months, the younger brother of Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas has quickly accrued his own fervent following thanks to his self-deprecating jokes, outlandish stunts and extreme commitment to the bit. But whether it’s hurling himself off a 10-foot rock, or tattooing Tana Mongeau’s name on his leg.

Frankie Inked Tana Mongeau’s Name On His Leg

Regarding the tattoo Frankie said “I’ve been so massively successful lately that I wanted to do something that helped me stay grounded and reminded me of the fans,” he says jokingly in the tattoo video. “So Tana Mongeau, sorry if I mispronounce your name, this one’s for you. I hope it grows your account.”

Obviously, Frankie was joking since Mongeau is one of the biggest creators on the app with more than five million followers.

Mongeau took over her reaction to Twitter where she wrote that she “must be in a fever dream.”

Tana Mongeau’s Tweet Reg Frankie’s Tattoo

“THE BEST Jonas brother tattooed not only my name, but my @ name on his body,” she added on Twitter. “do i get his back, so for life i have a matching tattoo with a Jonas brother?? HELP I MUST BE DRUNK”

If there was ever a platform where Frankie’s “nihilistic, chaotic and entropic” content would thrive, it’d most definitely be the Gen Z-dominated app.

In a video shared on Dec. 2, Frankie — fully clothed and sitting in a crying position in the shower — reshared a video of a sibling describing himself as the “Frankie” of his own family after his two sisters went viral on the app. The video has nearly 15 million views and helped kick off his recent virality.

“I kind of didn’t get it and thought I was super cool for not having an account — that I was like this counterculture, ‘I’m against the man, yo!’ [kind of person],” he laughed, before explaining that he only downloaded the app after finally getting”called out pretty hard by [his] girlfriend” for constantly sending her old TikToks that had been reposted to Instagram

“So I downloaded it and after two hours, I woke up from a For You Page coma. And then I made my first video and just became obsessed,” Frankie said.”A monster was made in a day and I just didn’t stop. I couldn’t stop scrolling and making videos, and eventually it blew up.”

Initially though, Frankie said he started off by just”making whatever [he] wanted,” which was refreshing as it”felt like nobody was watching.” His account really began to take off in November after he started making videos spoofing a couple viral challenges, including the celebrity lookalike trend using a photo of — you guessed it — his brothers.

“I made a video about my brothers thinking that no one’s going to see it and that it was just going to be for me doing a trend. Then people saw it and people thought it was funny,” he said, before mentioning another video in which he referenced his 2016 marijuana citationas a way of”introducing himself as his high school rumour”.

Frankie Made A TikTok Vid On His Brothers

Frankie’s fans went crazy adding comments to Nick and Joe Jonas’ TikToks asking questions like “Are you Frankie’s brother?” and “Wait aren’t you Frankie’s brother or something?” Frankie posted some of the messages as he showed off his fans “acting reckless” — and Nick had something to say about it.

“Yeah, Joe, Kevin. Forget what I said about letting Frankie in the band,” Nick joked in his own TikTok.

But Frankie was unfazed. “I don’t need the band,” he commented. “I have tiktok now.”

Nick’s Response To Fans- “Are You Frankie’s Bro”?