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Should Content Creators Buy the New Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra?

EMKWAN, the UAE’s leading technology & lifestyle creator, shares his opinion on Samsung’s newest model.

Should Content Creators Buy the New Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra?

If you’re a content creator, then you know that the right tools can take your content game to the next level. But choosing what devices and equipment to buy can be a huge headache. If you’re still struggling to make a decision, then perhaps EMKWAN, one of Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s leading video bloggers, can help you out.

EMKWAN is a leading technology and lifestyle creator who avidly posts reviews of phones, cameras, and other tech devices. His aim is to help tech consumers make the right purchases and is a definite must-watch for creators who want to shoot high-quality content.

In his latest video – Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review: Good Enough? – EMKWAN gives his honest review of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. After using the phone for a bit of time – EMKWAN tells viewers that the S21 Ultra is ‘definitely worth considering’.

Designed with a unique ‘contour-cut’ camera, EMKWAN believes that the S21 Ultra is ‘one of the year’s best contenders’ for photography and video.

The S21 Ultra has five lenses in total [2 telephoto cameras, 1 ultra-wide camera, 1 wide angle camera, and 1 selfie camera] and can shoot 4k video at 60fps across all lenses. It also does a good job with ‘dynamic range and adjusting exposure as you move the camera across its different lenses’. If you’re a content creator that struggles with a shaky hand, then the S21 Ultra also provides ‘improved stabilization’ from it’s 2020 predecessor.

Other potentially interesting features for content creators include:

The ‘Director’s View’: this allows users to ‘record from multiple camera lenses at the same time’ including ‘dual recording’ using the front and back cameras – a particularly useful feature for vloggers.

The ‘Single Take’: this allows users to capture the moment from different angles with only one click of the shutter button.

If you’re still deciding whether the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra can help elevate your content game, then check out EMKWAN’s youtube video for his full review: