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#LearnOnTikTok: Why TikTok could be the next big educational platform

TikTok has partnered with Quizlet to help educators create an immersive learning experience for users.

#LearnOnTikTok: Why TikTok could be the next big educational platform

TikTok wants to do it all – including education. With nearly 60 billion video views, the platform’s #LearnOnTikTok tag is the video app’s latest success.

The #LearnOnTikTok is a community where users can find educational video content. Experts in industries ranging from medical to beauty are using the tag to teach others about their line of work and to answer any pressing questions they may have. To further its in-app learning experience, TikTok has also recently announced a partnership with Quizlet, an online studying platform. 

“Quizlet’s award-winning learning tools, including digital flashcards and games, and a massive variety of user-generated study materials, allow anyone to learn anything, which is why we’re thrilled to be able to bring some of the Quizlet learning experience to more people on TikTok” – TikTok Newsroom.

This partnership will allow select education creators to add a Quizlet link directly to their TikTok videos. If viewers want to know more about a topic, they will be able to click on the link and get directly sent to Quizlet flashcards.

Additionally, education creators –  with their own Quizlet study sets –  will be able to share them as flashcards on their videos, which adds a further level of interactivity to how education is done on TikTok

In short – TikTok is creating a unique and fun way for people to learn online and is seeking to make education as immersive and interactive as possible.