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David Dobrik Makes YouTube Comeback with $9.5 Million LA Mansion House Tour

Find out what Dobrik’s favorite part of his house is.

David Dobrik Makes YouTube Comeback with $9.5 Million LA Mansion House Tour

After an eleven month pause, popular YouTuber David Dobrik has finally posted a video titled ‘I Bought a New House!!’ on his second YouTube channel –  David Dobrik Too.

In the video, Dobrik shows off his new $9.5 million dollar Los Angeles mansion that features 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a finger-print access wine cellar, and the world’s largest bed.

Dobrik does a blind fold house reveal with several friends including Drake & Josh star Josh Peck. After removing his blindfold, Peck exclaims: “This is the house you can afford after you quit vlogging? What could you afford if you kept vlogging – puerto rico?”.

Dobrik also reveals that his ‘favorite part of the entire house’ is a water fountain that squirts out Hawaiian Fruit Punch instead of water – which was inspired from the ‘Mr. Deeds movie’ featuring Adam Sandler.

Dobrik’s most interesting reveal, however, is his new podcast studio which will be used to film his Views podcast with best friend and co-host Jason Nash.

“I’m super stoked about this podcast studio because I can’t film the videos I would normally be filming – which are the vlogs. But here – we have a controlled space. Everyone who comes in and out of here is Covid tested so we will be able to follow all the Covid guidelines in this cute little room”.

View’s episode with singer Halsey is the first podcast episode to be filmed in Dobrik’s brand new studio – whose setup is reminiscent of famous talk show layouts such as The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Dobrik – who has a combined YouTube audience of 27.5 million, 25.5 million TikTok subscribers, and 14.3 million followers on Instagram – is one of many content creators who has been forced to adapt their content strategies to the changing landscape caused by Covid-19.

It will be interesting to see if Dobrik takes this opportunity to permanently switch his content strategy away from YouTube.