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Dubai-based pop artist YAS aims to take the throne with first 2021 single “Kleopatra”

The single – which has nearly 2 million views on YouTube – is the perfect pop anthem for those who’ve dealt with bullies and insecurity.

Dubai-based pop artist YAS aims to take the throne with first 2021 single "Kleopatra"

Dubai-based pop singer and dancer YAS has released her first 2021 single Kleopatra – a pop anthem inspired by her powerful journey of overcoming bullying and finding her self-worth. The song’s release was accompanied by a Music Video directed and produced by TG Media Dubai.

“The inspiration behind this song was that sometimes in life you can be pushed down, humiliated and bullied so many times that you start to believe you are worthless. But the most important thing to realize is that you make your own success and you are as strong as you make yourself out to be. I just wanted to inspire anyone – in particular – women who are going through a hard time and to remind them that they are strong and can come out on top” – Yas.

It is clear that the singer is ready to “take back her power” – a lyric that accurately portrays her plans for 2021 and beyond.

Born to Moroccan and Slovakian parents, the 20-year-old entertainer found her passion for singing and music at the age of 15. Following a successful audition, the singer was accepted to a LA-based talent group but couldn’t accept the opportunity due to finances.

The roadblock – however – did not stop YAS – who eventually made it out to LA to pursue her singing career.   

Over the past 3 years, the singer, choreographer, and dancer has spent her time between Dubai and LA – honing her skills and sound. In that time, Yas has become an influential figure in the Dubai dance and entertainment community. She is also the owner of the successful Dubai-based Dance Studio ‘Yas Music and Dance’, which she created after noticing a huge gap in Dubai’s commercial music and dance scene. Fueled by a deep desire to share her knowledge and passion with others, Yas hoped that her studio could bring the LA experience out to Dubai.

With almost 2 million views on YouTube, the singer’s Kleopatra music video is a major commercial success. At only 20-years-old, YAS has achieved more than some twice her age and serves as a huge inspiration to those looking to follow a similar path.

We are very excited to see what the pop artist has in store for the remainder of 2021.