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Lilly Singh cancels her late-night show A Little Late With Lilly Singh?!

Don’t worry Lilly Singh fans. A new production deal with NBCUniversal is in the works.

Lilly Singh cancels her late-night show A Little Late With Lilly Singh?!

YouTuber Lilly Singh has announced the end of her show A Little Late With Lilly Singh after two years airing on NBC. Although many fans are upset by the announcement, there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel:  Singh’s production company Unicorn Island Productions has signed a new production deal with NBC Universal for some exciting, upcoming projects.

Singh released a statement announcing that A Little Late With Lilly Singh would be ending so she could focus more on her company Unicorn Island Productions:

“Two years ago, I embarked on the wild journey of late night TV. I knew this show was about more than me, and I will be forever grateful for the opportunity and support. Today, I write to you from a similar place of deep gratitude to share some news. I’m going to focus on the slate of projects my company Unicorn Island Productions is developing, and we’re saying goodbye to A Little Late with Lilly Singh. I have a desire to make longer form content telling underrepresented stories, which is difficult to execute on a nightly show.”

This new collaboration with NBC Universal is only the beginning of a bright new chapter for Singh: She also recently announced her upcoming feature in a Netflix comedy series – which will be produced by Kenya Barris, Nell Scovell and Diya Mishra:

“I also get to share the news that I am developing a comedy project with the wonderful folks at Netflix. It will be Executive Produced by the talented Kenya Barris and his team at Khalabo Ink Society, along with writers/executive producers Nell Scovell and Diya Mishra. And ya girl is starring in it! This is just the beginning; I can’t wait to share more with you but this is all I can tease for now. I’m beyond grateful for your support past, present and future.”

A Little Late With Lilly Singh is set to premiere its final episode on June 3.