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Clubhouse funds 50 creator-made pilot shows as part of their Creator Accelerator Program

Find out what shows will be dropping soon on Clubhouse.

Clubhouse funds 50 creator-made pilot shows as part of their Creator Accelerator Program

Clubhouse revealed that they will be funding 50 pilot shows as part of their Creator Accelerator Program.

Clubhouse initially announced the Creator Accelerator Program in March and that the initiative would provide creators with full-autonomy over their creative content:

“It will start off as a three-month program and our goals are really three-fold: to help you make your shows amazing, to help you learn how to promote them and to help you get paid as a creator”.

After being inundated with applications to join the program, Clubhouse has chosen creators from countries such as the United States, Indonesia, UK, Argentina, Canada, Colombia and Japan to cover a diverse range of topics on their respective shows. The creators will be receiving $5,000 per month over the course of three months to build and develop their shows.

The shows that will be dropping soon on the Clubhouse app include:

1. The Lobby by Adrian Grant:

The show revolves around an online scavenger hunt game that features Grant and AI ‘The Lobby’. Game participants will get the chance to win exciting prizes.

2. The Global Lowdown by Alissa Miky and Michael Rosenzweig:

The show aims to help listeners learn either English or Japanese by reporting on the latest news in both languages.

3. The Salty Vagabonds Club by Amanda Dishman, Lauren Ettinger, and Alex Parrish:

This show is for all the adventurous ones out there. It focuses on all things related to Alternative Living such as bike packing, road and sea living.

4. Loss and Gain by Arden Cartrette:

The show spotlights and aims to normalise conversations about miscarriage. Featured speakers will share their experience with miscarriage, how they coped with their loss, and much more.

5. Inside K-Pop by Danny Chung:

The show will feature three K-Pop experts who will share thoughts on the K-Pop industry – including its significant impact on culture.

The 50+ shows are set to launch from May 10 on the Clubhouse HQ.