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TikTok Launches #FactCheckYourFeed to Promote Digital Literacy

Tired of all the fake news? Find out what TikTok is doing to put a stop to it.

TikTok Launches #FactCheckYourFeed to Promote Digital Literacy

To help reduce the spread of misinformation on its platform, TikTok has launched #FactCheckYourFeed to help users detect misinformation being spread online.

TikTok stated that curbing misinformation on their platform is a major priority and that they wanted to educate their users on how to protect themselves against harmful content:

“At TikTok, we take the responsibility to help educate our users seriously, which means making sure that everyone has access to good, accurate information whenever they need it. To achieve this, it’s important that our users are able to correctly identify what they are watching and to know if they are being given potentially inaccurate or harmful information.”

To further encourage users to access online information safely, TikTok has collaborated with multiple online creators, famous personalities and a UK digital media literacy charity The Student View. Moreover, the hashtag #FactCheckYourFeed helps promote self-awareness and boost critical thinking amongst its users to help them detect misinformation and fake news.


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Solomon Elliott – the Founder of The Student View – emphasized the importance of individuals critically accessing online information and are delighted to partner with TikTok to further help online communities:

“We’re delighted to support TikTok’s efforts to educate their users across the UK to develop their critical thinking skills. At the Student View, we train schoolchildren to critically evaluate information online. With the help of online platforms, we can equip more people with these vital tools to ensure the UK becomes the safest country in the world to be online.”


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